Saturday, September 15, 2018

SEP 15, 2018 - 6:00 AM EDT - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*Los Angeles - 10 things to see and do in LA.

*We in the U. S. think we have a disaster with 

Hurricane Florence, but with Super typhoon 

Mangkhut at 190 mph, there will be an extreme 

lost of life in the Pacific.

*To all those soldiers viewing my postings 

throughout the world, I thank you and salute you. 

*To be old and ugly is better than being young 

and a smart a$$.

*I met a teacher at the Wayne County Fair, Ohio 

this past Thursday. If you enjoy learning thank a 


*My Mother's baby brother, my Uncle Lester, had 

a birthday several days ago and I wished him a 

Happy Birthday with this video on Facebook. 91 

years old and a lot of years left to live. His wife, 

my Aunt Bea, in Heaven now, remains an angel to 


*Everyone likes a noodle or 2 every once in a 

while. Noodle spelled backwards is ELDOON 

and means EL DOrado, the mOvie is exciting 


*An ambulance chasing lawyer is like a lion 

chasing an antelope.

*After I was drafted in 1964, I, along with a plane 

load of others was flown to Fort Polk, Louisiana 

for basic training.

*Politicians are much like male lions, they get 

their share before allowing anyone else to take 

part in their feeding. 

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