Thursday, September 27, 2018

SEP 27, 2018 - 5:00 AM EDT - 10 quotes/thoughts

*Will President Trump become the greatest 

president ever? I know some people who have 

regretted voting for Hillary after last night's

press conference.


*Erich Brenn - Plate Spinner.

*When I was a kid, I enjoyed going barefooted 

as I do today, about 65 years later.

*My brother Roland's daughter, Brittany, is a 

cop in Grottoes, Virginia.


*I have bird feeders in 3 different flower beds in 

which I pour wild bird seed, if black birds started 

to feed, I would change to safflower seed because 

the black birds will not feed on safflower seed.

*There are only 3 neighbors in our neighborhood 

including our own, one is friendly and one is not, 

all of us are white.

*In case someone has missed seeing them, I'll 

display my new business cards again.


*My niece Arin and her husband, Shannon, have 

a pretty little girl called Sweet Adeline.


*Vegans don't eat meat. Meat spelled backwards is 

TAEM and stands for Turner Ashby high school 

where students receive an Education and eat their 

Meals in the cafeteria. 

I'm a 1961 graduate of TAHS in Dayton, Virginia, 

just about 2 miles north of the new school.

General Turner Ashby.


TAHS Homecoming 2015 Lip Dub.

 *I've said this before that the Hispanics have a 

wonderful sense of family, but the Amish also 

have a wonderful sense of family, working 

together for the common good of their 


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