Saturday, September 29, 2018

SEP 29, 2018 - 8:00 AM EDT - 10 favorites from the past

*Following Christ and pacifism are the two 

lifestyles that link the Amish and Mennonites 


*I told you I could clean the bottom part of my 

false teeth with my tongue.


*My favorite beers when I was drinking, were 

Miller High Life in Virginia, Lone Star in Texas 

and Olympia in California. Pabst Blue Ribbon tastes 

like pi$$.

*According to the U.S Center for Disease Control, 

my hair grows 6 inches a year. It is now 12 inches 

long and if I live another 10 years, my hair should 

be down to my feet.


*I remember when.

*Back in the old days all vehicles were stick shift 

operated until they invented the automatic 

transmission in 1940.

*I have glaucoma and:

*As a member of the military, I traveled by troop 

ship to South Korea, (1966) stopping at Hawaii, 

Japan and Guam along the way. The film is similar, 

but is of troops of WW II.

*I've been constipated, thirsty and had a headache 

the last day or so and didn't know why at first, but 

now I realized I'm dehydrated. 

*Having thin skin I've developed another wound 

just above my left foot and I'm hoping to cure it 

myself by letting it air cure and cleaning it with 

a saline solution instead of returning to the 

Wound Center at the Wooster Community Hospital 

in Wooster, Ohio.

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