Friday, September 7, 2018

SEP 7, 2018 - 6:00 AM EDT - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*Sha Na Na~Blue Moon.

*A few people are named after the seasons of the 

year, like Spring, Summer and Autumn, but not 

winter because that's the coldest season of the year.

*I've drank a lot of bourbon in my 75 years of life, 

one of the best for me was Wild Turkey

*A car is just a car. To need a new one every so 

often means you're trying to keep up with the 


*A stop sign spelled backwards is pots meaning I 

have a lot of pots to poop or pee in, like when I 

was in the army.

*Target is one of the department stores where 

I shop. Target stands for, I hope at the gun range, 

where I practice, I hope to hit the bull's eye or

the Target.

*Some people I know call Burger King, 

Booger King.

*It looks like winter will come again this year, it's 

starting to cool down, but I know we'll have 

another Indian Summer at some time in the next 

few months. I live in Smithville,  just about 10 

minutes east of Wooster on the weather map.

*I remember the small 45 RPM's that I use to play on 

my record player.

*I believe that my Father as well as his Father 

carried a handkerchief in their pockets as well 

as I do today, for blowing our nose, wiping our

mouth and coughing up that oyster like 

substance from our throats.

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