Monday, October 1, 2018

OCT 1, 2018 - 8:00 AM EDT - 10 quotes/thoughts

*Michael Jackson is in Heaven now, but when 

he was here on earth, he was considered to be the 

greatest entertainer of all time.


*One of the heart healthy foods I eat is Quaker 

Quick Oats.

*I like regular Coke and not Pepsi. Pepsi spelled 

backwards is ISPEP and stands for I Sure need a 

PEP talk before trying to taste that nasty Pepsi.

*You should not even have a clock on the wall if 

you're sitting in your chair on your dead a$$ 

watching TV. 

*Elizabeth II is the queen of England and it's 

possessions, will she abdicate soon as rumored?

*Hate groups are made up of those that will never 

lead, but must be always followers.

*We need to laugh, it's part of being healthy.

*I slept in my 1986 Honda Accord in a Walmart 

parking lot in Las Vegas for about 5 months in 

2016, driving back to Ohio in May of that same 

year. I developed cracks in my heels from 

walking barefooted on the hot asphalt and was 

given a prescription called Mupirocin by a   

dermatologist in Las Vegas.

*I promised you that I would post each morning at 

about 6:00 AM EDT, but is seems that it is around 

8:00 AM EDT. All I can say that I apologize and  

I'm sorry.

And another song by Brenda Lee.

*We have 2 computers in our house, one is my 

wife, Carolyn's computer, both HP 15s. When 

Facebook was hacked, her computer was hacked 

and mine was not. She paid some company 

$199.99 to fix her computer and I immediately 

changed my Facebook password. I went to my 

PNC bank the next morning and talked to an 

adviser who said that the company was a scam 

and that the $199.99 would be blocked from 

being paid.

"How to Check if your Facebook account is 

hacked and how to fix and or prevent hacking."

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