Friday, October 12, 2018

OCT 12, 2018 - 10:00 AM EDT - 10 quotes/thoughts

*Our Uncle Lester was the baby brother to our

Uncle Orvin, our Mother and Aunt Ruth, all 

children of our grandfather and grandmother Cline.

Uncle Orvin, Aunt Bea, our Uncle Lester's wife, 

and our Mother are in Heaven now while their 

younger two children remain here on earth, Aunt 

Ruth and Uncle Lester. Uncle Lester has two 

children, Brenda the oldest and Connie the 


He worked as a school bus driver when he was 

much younger and worked for a creamery in 

Harrisonburg, Virginia and in Coshocton, Ohio 

when they moved the company there.

Uncle Lester is sitting in the middle, Brenda is 

standing in the back row to the left.

Credit: brendalynch.facebook,com.

*We take our dog, Dolly Jo, a Maltese to Country 

Corner Animal Clinic on Kidron Road just of 

U. S. Route 30. Dawn is the receptionist among 

other things, like taking our money for hard dog 

food and regular dog food, both a Purina brand.

*When I was much younger, I played baseball and 

followed the professional baseball teams, the 

Brooklyn Dodgers were my favorite team. 

Roberto Clemente was a favorite player of mine.



*I have 3 medical insurance plans, Medicare, 

Anthem and Tricare for Life. Medicare and 

Anthem, I have to pay for, but Tricare for Life is 

free because of the over 20 years I spent in the 

military, mostly in the U. S. Army Reserve.

*A pillow is for laying your head on while you 

sleep or sitting on after you've had a  pilonidal 

cyst operation, if which I've had two, in 1968 

and 1969.

*May God bless those children who have cancer.

*Up until now, I thought I could do everything 

for myself. I can touch my nose with my tongue if 

I remove my false teeth.


*I Know an old hippie with a camouflage hat 

with an American Flag sewn on the front. Guess 

who? I'll tell you, it's me I'm talking about.


*I'm having trouble receiving pins (photos) on my 

phone from Tailwinds. That's the reason you have 

not received any photos on Instagram, Twitter and 

WhatsApp for a while.

*I'd like to have a black wide brimmed hat like the 

Amish wear, I may be able to buy that at Lehman's 

Amish Store in Kidron, Ohio, just about a 20 

minutes drive southeast of here.

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