Saturday, October 6, 2018

OCT 7, 2018 - 7:00 AM EDT - 10 quotes/thoughts

**To lose someone you love is a sad affair.


*I met a woman outside of Dollar General 

yesterday, I handed a few of my business cards 

to her, but as soon as she saw the TRUMP-PENCE 

sign on the back of my 1986 Honda Accord, she 

handed them back. That was funny.


*I've often wondered if you can tell what kind of 

person they are by the vehicle they own? For 

instance, a VW owner would be a Very hard 

Worker, a person who owns a FORD would Fix 

Or Repair Daily their old truck and a person who 

owns a CHEVROLET would be sh!^ out of luck.

*One of the movies I'd like to see is Operation 


*A morning glory is what it is, it comes up in the 

morning just like you should.

*Who is the richest family in America?

*We all deserve to laugh and be happy.

*We all enjoy news bloopers.

*I'm driving to MetroHealth today to pick up my 

friend and take him home.

*You know I eat lots of fish, even for breakfast, 

my absolute favorite is King Oscar Sardines.

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