Sunday, November 11, 2018

NOV 11, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - 10 favorites

*I've seen most of the other TV programs I watch, 

so now I'm mostly watching BBC Earth.


*I told you several years ago that I'm right 

handed, but found out after all these years, I 

could wipe my a$$ better with my left hand and 

I'm now using flushables rather than toilet paper.


*I've been to the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus 

for several surgeries and other procedures, number 

one in many specialties.

*The only difference between a coc& and a doodle 

do is that doodle do is the polite way of saying 

it, add a small a in the middle and you have coc&

a doodle do, a rooster no doubt.

*I remember when.

*Back in the old days all vehicles were stick 

shift operated until they invented the automatic 

transmission in 1940.

*When you suffer from heartburn.

*Our children are the future of our world.

*I have glaucoma and:

*As a member of the military, I traveled by troop 

ship to South Korea, (1966) stopping at Hawaii, 

Japan and Guam along the way. The film  is 

similar, but is of troops of WW II.

*This song's hilarious.


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