Saturday, November 17, 2018

NOV 17, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - My Favorites

*I remember when.


*It is always easier to be a good Samaritan than 

be a person who doesn't care.

*I like beef soft tacos at Taco Bell. TACO BELL 

stands for Tap A Counter Orange BELL for service. 

*I prefer Charmin over other toilet tissue because 

it's easier to start the roll.

*Not many people know that CVS stands for 

Convenience, Value, and Service or in my words 

Come Very Soon to our pharmacy.

*Kids are amazing.

*Don't live in fear of anything, God is on your side.

*The sun might not be shinning for you today, 

but you, for certain, will have many brighter 


*The following is almost like the proposed bridge 

to nowhere in Alaska.

*I like Traditional Savory Chex Mix, it has 

plenty of salt which I like, that's probably the 

reason I'm constipated from time to time. USA, LLC WalmartBR

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