Saturday, November 24, 2018

NOV 24, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - 10 News I

*"American Anthem."


*"Chickenpox Outbreak Hits 36 Students At North 

Carolina School." NBC Nightly News.

*"Lion King 2019: Trailer released for film 

starring Beyonce, Donald Glover."

*"Wife of jailed Briton Matthew Hedges speaks 

to BBC."  BBC News.

*"2 Cops Killed In Attack On Chinese Consulate 

In Karachi, Gunmen Shot Dead."

*"Wreck-It Ralph 2 EXTENDED DISNEY 

PRINCESS Clip - Ralph Breaks The Internet."

*"All-new Range Rover Evoque SUV 2019 

revealed - and I’ve driven it ‘off-road’!"

*"No One Does Christmas Like Hallmark Channel  

Countdown to Christmas."

*"Amazon workers on strike across Europe."

*"Couple Finds Winning $1.8M Lottery Ticket 

While Cleaning House - See Money!" USA, LLC WalmartBR

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