Monday, November 5, 2018

NOV 5, 2018 - 10:00 AM ET - 10 thoughts

*Janis Joplin, ' Piece Of My Heart.'


*I just receive my new social security card 

without my social security number.

*One of my favorite books was Charlotte's Web.

*I often shop at Ace Hardware in Orrville, Ohio, 

one of the few in the area, people friendly and 

with everything I need.

*An Audi is an expensive car. AUDI stands for we 

AUDI stand up for what's right.

*I look like a hippie, I didn't know there was a 

dance named after me?


*I have excellent hearing for my age and try to 

avoid loud noises which could damage my hearing.

*The last time I had the opportunity to swim was in 

Harrisonburg, Virginia.

*Experts say that green tea is a health benefit, I 

drink Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus.

*Prunes are known for help in pooping, I have 

prunes and prune juice that I eat and drink. USA, LLC

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