Tuesday, December 11, 2018

DEC 11, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - FAVORITES

*Jambalaya - Brenda Lee. 


*I use to work at the Will Burt Company in 

Orrville, Ohio, they're celebrating their 100th 

anniversary this year, 1918 to 2018.

*I like and will vote for Democratic Senator 

Sherrod Brown although I most always vote 


*Do you believe in vengeance here on earth or let 

God carry out vengeance in Heaven? 

*I like dark chocolate for its' health benefits. 

CHOCOLATE stands for CHOCO which is 

the name of my dog and he's LATE again.  

*Please share this with your children.

*Did I have a teddy bear for comfort when I was 

a child? That's been some 70 years ago and I guess 

I don't remember.

*A second hand rose is better than no rose at all.

*I've had to sleep in my car several times because 

I didn't have the money for a motel.

*Babies are funny.

*Check your order. USA, LLC Walmart Mexico WalmartBR WalmartBR

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