Wednesday, December 12, 2018

DEC 12, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - FAVORITES

*Child actor - Mickey Rooney. 


*God did not mean for man to stand alone, that's 

why God created Eve.

*Will AI (Artifical Intelligence) take over our 

lives at sometime in our future?

*The very best sardine that I eat is King Oscar, by 

special Royal permission, wild caught, double 

layer, in extra virgin olive oil.

*Does anyone not know how to use a toilet? 

Except for a small child or baby, of course.

*Experts say with medical advances, including 

AI (Artificial Intelligence), many more people 

will live to be a 100 years old or more.

 *The Mississipi River divides the states of 

Louisiana and Mississippi." 


*I like KFC, especially the grilled thighs. You 

know what KFC stands for but another meaning 

would be Kiss someone's butt For a piece of 


*We all are of one world, so let's make it one with 

giving, freedom and peace for all of us.

*Kids say the funniest things.

*My most viewed video. USA, LLC Walmart Mexico WalmartBR WalmartBR

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