Friday, December 14, 2018

DEC 14, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - FAVORITES

*Little Eva - 'Loco-motion.'


*Human kind who must live on bread alone will 

constantly be constipated.

*Your tomorrows are as only good as you're today's.

*I bank at PNC Bank which actually stands for 

Pittsburgh National Corporation or Philadelphia 

National Corporation, but could stand for Please 

Neuter my Cat.

*The world is a happy place only if we're friendly 

to each other.

*A love triangle could be much like the Bermuda  

Triangle, ending in disappearances and lost loves.

*Is there an edge to our universe?

*What is your favorite brand of toilet paper? Mine 

is ....................

*As part of my diet, I take a spoonful of Southern 

Zoomer Organic Virgin Coconut Oil each day.

*My ancestryDNA analysis states that I'm 13% 

Irish, am I also related to the Celts?

*Looking for a restroom. USA, LLC Walmart Mexico WalmartBR WalmartBR

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