Saturday, December 22, 2018

DEC 22, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - Favorites from the past

*Flip Wilson.


*A tent and a sleeping bag are better than a 

houseful of angry people.

*The trouble I have with picking my nose, I can't 

get all the snot out with my little finger. Maybe I 

could use someone elses finger?

*One of the fermented foods I eat is Kimchi, a 

Korean dish.

*I've told you before that I drink a lot of coffee. 

COFFEE stands for Can all Of us Forget Forever 

the bad Effects of drinking coffeE.

*I shave about every 3 days, using the Gillette 

brand until I found a different razor "As Seen on 

TV," and it just keeps on shaving without 

changing the blade every so often.

*I'm too old to celebrate birthdays anymore, so I 

just celebrate decades, in another 4 years, I'll be 8 

decades old.

and Mason Ramsey again.

*At the Wayne County Fair, Ohio last evening, I 

ate a hot dog. Very delicious.

*I may vote for one Democrat this year, the first 

time that I can remember doing so.

*We know that" beauty is only skin deep," except 

for those folks in Hollywood, of course.

*Stark Medical Facility in Orrville, Ohio. USA, LLC Walmart Mexico WalmartBR WalmartBR

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