Tuesday, December 25, 2018

DEC 25, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - Favorites from the past.

*"Terry Fator, Elvis Christmas Special"  


 *Cell phones seem to rule our lives, PHONE 

spelled backwards is enohp or is it enough?

*Some kids don't learn everything while growing 

up, I learned to be friendly, but not to flirt.

*I'm a Protestant "not an adherent of a Catholic, 

Anglican, or Eastern Church", what is the 

difference between Catholicism and Protestantism? 

*Your time at work will go by faster if you stop 

looking at the clock every 5 minutes.

*I enjoy eating all of Libby's vegetables.

*While working in the flower beds and the yard 

for 6 hours, I apply sunscreen twice before each 

3 hours.

*I've being trying almost all my life into making 

a level playing field for everyone, so to speak, just 

one thing at a time.

*She's in Heaven now, but her voice is still here 

on earth.

*The flags that symbolize our countries are 

important to all of us, we should treat our flags 

with the upmost respect.

*Christmas decorations.

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