Friday, December 28, 2018

DEC 28, 2018 - 9:00 AM ET - Favorites from the past.

Internet was down all day yesterday. I'll try to 

make it up eventually. Thanks, Forrest.

*The Quick And The Dead.


*Some people cannot refrain from insulting others.

*To use sunscreen fine, but you also need to 

protect your eyes from UV Rays by wearing 


*Those not having children are missing out on 

one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. 

*It is a God given gift to help others.

*I like to work in the dirt of my flower beds, just 

like my Mother and her parents who were farmers. 

If you enjoy the food you eat, thank a farmer.

*I doubt if any of you young people have heard 

of Geritol, but when I was a lot younger, my 

Father use to drink it as an energy boost.

*The following video may help you to quit 


*Back to school was August 21 in this area, I'm 

sure some parents are glad for their day long 

break from their children for about 9 months.

*I, like my brother, Roland, become dehydrated 

every once in while and have to injest fluids and 

salt to alleviate our dehydration.

My sister Nancy on the left on the bottom row 

and our Mother and my brother Roland. My brother 

Jerry at the top left and me at the top right.

Credit: USA, LLC

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