Thursday, January 10, 2019

JAN 10, 2019 - 9:00 AM ET - Favorites from the past.

*Jerry & The Pacemakers.


*My first cousins Patty Wimer Knicely and Connie 

are children of my Uncle Jack and Aunt May who 

helped my family and me a lot. Sadly for me, Aunt 

May is in Heaven now and I'll always miss her.

Patty and her husband, Alan have 3 boys, one is 

special because of his disabilities, his name is Brad. 

Alan played professional baseball for a time, I saw 

him hit a home run in the left field corner while 

watching TV.

Patty is retired from the post office and Alan was 

or is working at the MillerCoors plant in Elkton, 


Patty and Connie are members of the Red Hat

Society and travel to many places.

Uncle Jack.

Patty and Connie.



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*Blessed are those that spend most of their lives in 

taking care of others.

*I don't believe anything is more important than 

being both a Christian and a soldier.

*Adam was our first man, Eve was our first 

women, the beginning of our ancestry.

*A lazy man will have a lazy boy as a son.

*Geico begin insuring federal employees in 1936, 

but now is available to everyone, unlike USAA 

(United Services Automobile Association) who 

insure only military members.

*For those of you who are hard of hearing or have 

difficulty waking up in the morning, you may 

considered purchasing a Screaming Meanie.

*I know several people who have severe asthma, 

taking Fasenra for relief from their symptoms.

*To almost guarantee a smile from someone you 

come close to, is for you to smile first.

Credit: USA, LLC

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