Wednesday, January 30, 2019

JAN 30, 2019 - 9:00 AM ET - NEWS I

*"Civil War. Battle of Seven Pines."


*"Trump Administration Hits Venezuela's State 

Oil Company With Sanctions."  TIME.

*"Aftermath of deadly dam collapse in Brazil."

*"‘Wrong track’: Public Sours On Nation’s 

Direction After Shutdown." NBC News | Meet 

The Press.

*"Movie-Goer ‘Sick’ After Seeing Michael 

Jackson Documentary."

*"Sean McVay opens up on missed pass 

interference call."

*"Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection gives 

you clarity & control over your privacy."

*"New Procedure Treats Atrial Fibrillation 

Without Blood Thinners."

*"Deadly polar vortex sweeping Midwest with 

wind chills as low as minus 65."

*"Intel chief says North Korea will try to keep 

nuclear weapons." USA, LLC

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