Wednesday, January 9, 2019

JAN 9, 2019 - 9:00 AM ET - Favorites from the past.

*"Riley Rides Rails." National Geographic.


*My Mother's maiden name is Cline, if we're 

related to Patsy Cline, it started a long time ago.


*Dr. Kwok is our primary health physician whose 

office is on the 3rd floor of the Wooster 

Community Hospital. There is Elizabeth who 

teases me by saying "Run, Forrest, Run" and 

Ronnie who takes blood and is almost always on 

vacation. There is Jessica, the good doctor's 

assistance who moves like a typhoon and Valeria 

who does much the same thing as Jessica, but who 

I see less often. If there is anyone else, they must 

be hiding in the toilet. Dr. Kwok parents where 

born in Formosa, now Taiwan and he was born in 

Hong Kong.

Doctor Kwok.


*It looks like I'm always picking on Holly, one of 

my favorite nieces (meaning I like all my nieces 

the same) who has searched for years in many 

countries for a man with the ability to build a fence. 

She now is happy and contented because she has 

finally found her perfect man who can build a fence.

My niece, Holly.


*May we all be dedicated to our parents, living 

here on earth or in Heaven.

*Many of us have had those we love leave us, 

but we must remember there are more we may 

find who are a more perfect match for us.

*We recently had a leak in the well room in our 

house. I looked in the phone book under plumbing 

and found Roto Rooter and called them and the 

leak was fixed to our satisfaction, I didn't know 

they were also plumbers before this?

*The Democrats are represented by a jacka$$ 

and you know why that is.

*To hug a teddy bear when you're a child is better 

than holding the devil when you become an adult.

*I like smiling and being very friendly, not 

knowing before that it was a mental illness. I take 

two drugs for this condition, Seroquel and 

Depakote which I call Drop a Coat and Sarah 

Palin. My mental illness is called the Williams 

Syndrome without the distinctive physical features 

or the mental retardation. I'm an extreme extrovert.


*"I have several spray cans of Johnson's Glade of 

different fragrances which I use to spray in the 

toilet after pooping or if I'm in a hurry, I spray my 

arm pits and crotch. USA, LLC

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