Sunday, March 10, 2019

MAR 10, 2019 - Favorites from the past.

*Paul Hogan.


*Jimmy (1) "Dean died at the age of 81, on 

June 13, 2010, at his home in Varina, Virginia. 

He was survived by his second wife Donna," 

although his voice and face can still be seen and 

heard on TV. 

(1) Credit:


Jimmy Dean, 'Big Bad John.'

*We purchase Espree Puppy Shampoo as well as 

other things from PetSmart for our dog, Dolly Jo, 

a Maltese, it makes her look like a brand new 

puppy, although she's about 11 years old.

*I like Charmin Bathroom Tissue because it's easier 

than the others in starting the roll.

*My choice of a low calorie surgery treat is a York 

Peppermint Patty.

*During my 76 years of life, I've forgotten a million 

little things from my past.

*When I first began my job at the Orrville, Ohio 

Post Office as a letter carrier, I was considered a 

mere rookie.

*The difference in a Republican and a Democrat 

is that a Republican wants everyone to work, but 

the Democrats are happy with handing out money 

to their constituents from the U. S. Treasury. 

*I told you before that a friend of mine had a knee 

replacement. At the Rite Aid in Orrville, Ohio 

yesterday, I met two other people, a woman and 

man who had knee replacements.

*"(1) In the U.S., Aflac underwrites a wide range 

of insurance policies, but is perhaps more known 

for its payroll deduction insurance coverage, which 

pays cash benefits when a policyholder has a 

covered accident or illness. The company states it 

"provides financial protection to more than 50 

million people worldwide."

(1) Credit:


*I saw the back of a T-shirt on a man yesterday 

that read Christian Children's Home of Ohio.

*My 1986 Honda Accord. USA, LLC

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