Monday, March 4, 2019

MAR 4, 2019 - Favorites from the past.

*Jerry & The Pacemakers.


*Blessed are those that spend most of their lives 

in taking care of others.

*I don't believe anything is more important than 

being both a believer in God and being a soldier.

*Adam was our first man, Eve was our first 

woman, the beginning of our ancestry.

*A lazy man will have a lazy boy as a son.

*Geico begin insuring federal employees in 

1936, but now is available to everyone, unlike 

USAA (United Services Automobile Association) 

who insure only military members.

*For those of you who are hard of hearing or have 

difficulty waking up in the morning, you may 

considered purchasing a Screaming Meanie.

*I know several people who have severe asthma, 

taking Fasenra for relief from their symptons.

*To almost guarantee a smile from someone you 

come close to, is for you to smile first.

Credit: USA, LLC

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