Saturday, March 9, 2019

MAR 9, 2019 - Favorites from the past.

*Mr. Bean.


*I have two sons, Micheal the first born and Ryan 

the last born.

*October is breast cancer awareness month.

*To travel is an adventure, but it is always 

wonderful to return to touch the green, green grass 

of home.

*An orange is named orange because its' color is 

orange, not like a cantaloupe who's inside is orange.

*I've not seen anyone arm wrestle for while.

*We always purchase Xtra for our laundry and 

not the more expensive detergent like Tide.

*A few people I know fell in love at first sight.

*While in the army, I traveled by troop ship from 

Oakland, California to South Korea with stops at 

Hawaii, Japan, and Guam along the way.

*A screwdriver can be used for many different 

things. SCREWDRIVER stands for SCREW you 

DRIVER for honking your horn at me. USA, LLC

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