Thursday, April 11, 2019

APR 11, 2019 - Entertainment, News & More,

*"America's Got Talent, Ray Jessel 84 Year Old 

performs Must See Hilarious Original Song."


*"Christchurch mosque shootings: MPs vote to ban 

semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles."

*"India elections 2019: What Indians expect from 

their politicians."  Al Jazeera.

*"WikiLeaks claims Ecuadorean government is 

spying on Julian Assange."

*"President Trump called Mueller investigation 

'illegal' and 'treason.'"

*"The Lion King (2019) Trailer."

*"NBA Top 10 Plays of April 9, 2019."

*"Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* BUCCANEER 

AND SEA WOLF SKINS! [April 10th, 2019] 

(Fortnite Battle Royale)."

*"Illinois has 154 cases of potentially deadly 

fungal disease; 3 in St. Louis area."

*"New human species found in the Philippines."

*"Introducing TVision - Home Television by T-


Walmart Mexico USA, LLC

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