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Monday, April 15, 2019

APR 15, 2019 - May We Wonder, Enjoy, Laugh or Cry

*"Madonna and Taylor Swift Perform Ghosttown."


*"Germany's 10 Most Beautiful Castles."

*"In The Arms Of An Angel-American Soldiers 


*"4 Vietnam Veterans Reunite Nearly 45 Years 

After A Bomb Nearly Killed 1."

*"Robin Williams as troops "Retreat" at Camp 

Arifjan, Kuwait."

*"Fat Man Breaks Park Bench!"

*"Candid Camera Classic: Disappearing Building."

*"Homeless veteran reunited with family after 32 


*"Ellen is Uncompromising when Scaring People 

on her Show."

*"Unbelievable African Elephants in My Pool!"

*"Funny Virtual Reality 😂😂 Epic People Virtual 

Reality Reaction." USA, LLC WalmartBR

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