Tuesday, April 16, 2019

APR 16, 2019 - The Animal Kingdom

Animal definition:

*"(1)"A  living organism that feeds on organic 

matter, typically having specialized sense organs 

and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to 


"wild animals adapt badly to a caged life"

(1) credit:

*"Savitsky Cats Got Talent Auditions! Amazing Cat 

Talent! Best Top 3 Funny Cute Animals!" 


*"Lionel, HR Director | National Pet Day 2019 is 


*"Attenborough: the amazing Lyre Bird sings like 

a chainsaw!" BBC Earth.

*"Amazing Animal Migrations by Land, Air, and 

Sea." Nat Geo Wild.

*"Only in Alaska! Alaskan roads: moose, bears 

and .. helicopter."

*"Concert for the sheep."

*"12 Times Humans Rescued Animals, And Got 

Thanked In The Cutest Way."

*"Fishermen save deer from pack of dogs."

*"The migration of birds."

*"White-tailed Sea-eagle catching big 

carp/Zeearend vangt karper Oostvaardersplassen." USA, LLC WalmartBR

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