Thursday, April 18, 2019

APR 18, 2019 - May We Wonder, Enjoy, Laugh or Cry

*"7 Country Songs You Should Know." | Opry 

Spotlight | Opry.


*"Little Stars String Trio Flawless Performance | 

Little Big Shots."

*"Close friend adopts cancer victim's six kids."

*"Kids Battling Cancer Graduate From 


*"Eastern Kentucky Barns and Homes."

*"At any cost: How one family adopted 8 children 

from Africa."

*"Bolivian Commuters Soar Through The Sky."

*"Memorable Moment: Ellen's First Guest, 

Jennifer Aniston."

*"North Korea's Kim Jong Un thinks he is 

calling the shots."

*"A Penthouse Palace on 57th Street." Open House 

TV. USA, LLC WalmartBR

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