Thursday, April 18, 2019

APR 18, 2019 - News from Around the World

*"American Idol 2004 Season 3 Winner: Fantasia 

Barrino - 'I Believe.'"


*"Investigation into Notre Dame fire accelerates as 

France plans to rebuild."

*"Venezuela crisis: Lack of cash leads to bartering." 

BBC News.

*"Gaborone: Blue diamond set to be unveiled in 

Botswana, 17 April 2019."  All News Videos.

*"Peru's Former President Dies After Shooting 

Himself During Corruption Arrest."  TIME.

*"Astronauts Koch and Meir React to International 

Space Station Mission Updates."

*"Hailey Bieber May Become Makeup Mogul 

with 'Bieber Beauty.'"

*"Ashley's story - The HPV vaccine."

*"Microsoft Surface Hub 2 hands-on: a $9K PC 

on wheels."

*"New Form Of Gene Therapy Could Be A Cure 

For ‘Bubble Boy’ Disease." NBC Nightly News.

*"Pinterest sets its IPO price range at $15 to $17."

Walmart Mexico USA, LLC

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