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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

APR 2, 2019 - May We Wonder, Enjoy, Laugh or Cry.

*"Judges Buzz This Little Boy Because He Insults 

All Of Them!"


*"Top 10 Wonders Of India."

*"Funniest Joke I Ever Heard 1984 Jimmy Stewart."

*"3 Plays That Shocked The World, 2007 Fiesta 


*"Oprah Winfrey Shocks Ellen!"

*"American WWII veteran reunites with long-lost 

British flame."

*"How It's Made Ice Cream."

*"Irish People Try Southern Food For The First 


*"Ohio Amish Barn Raising."

*"Candid Camera Classic: Photo Switch."

*"Wendy's Where's the Beef? Commercial (1984)." USA, LLC Walmart Mexico

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