Monday, June 10, 2019

JUNE 10, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes


*"My real name is Forrest, my street name is 

Gump. Sure it is."

*"I like my dentures meaning I don't need to make 

those expensive trips to the dentist, the last 

complete set of dentures I bought cost about $400."

*"Humankind cannot exist without food and water, 

what would happen if we ran out of food and 


*"If you're constipated, it means you spend most of 

your day in the toilet."

*"The American Flag is important to all of us, God 

Bless America."

*"If you like sweets, anything with sugar, you 

should know that sugar is the deadly and silent 

number 1 killer."

*"AARP stands for Americans who are Aging and 

Retired, Place much thought on the fear of dying."

*"I plant a yellow tomato every year in memory 

of my Mother, she liked them because they're

less acidic. This year I planted a Lemon Boy.

*"I'm having Pampa Smoked Oysters for my 

breakfast this morning (5:30 AM 6/9/2019) along 

with crackers while taking my pills, I buy them from 

the $1 shelf in Rite Aid, also available at Dollar 

Tree for the same price, of course. The guy in the 

video is wrong, I love them."

*The best hand shaver I've ever had, I bought in the 

Advertised on TV section and promoted by Bret 

Farve." USA, LLC

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