Tuesday, June 11, 2019

JUNE 11, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes

*"Every once in a while while driving, I see 3 

wooden crosses of different heights. I've often 

wonder who placed them there?"

Full story:



*""Those who seek kindness may come face-to-face 

with the devil." That's not a proverb, I just made it 

up, but you know that, you're much smarter than I 


*"Like me, some people eat the strangest things."

*"Our property has 4 sides, almost like a square, 

with Smucker Road to the north and planted corn 

to the east, south and west. Corn must be an 

excellent cash crop these days."

*"I have 8 bird feeders. The longest living birds 

are (1) "macaws and cockatoos can live up to 80–

100 years in captivity," most garden birds live 

2 to 5 years."


*"May God bless our Fathers on Father's Day 

(June 16) and throughout the year, whether in 

Heaven or here on earth."

*"I microwave veggie meatballs and eat them to my 

extreme satisfaction."

*"I don't mind someone making fun of something, 

it's their sin, not mine."

*"I used a compass to accurately navigate when 

in the army. Today the magnetic field is moving 

faster to east, so I don't know how accurate the 

compass is anymore."

*"A child is a gift from God to its parents, but also 

to the community." USA, LLC

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