Wednesday, June 12, 2019

JUNE 12, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes

*"Food and water are essential for life, for water 

thank God, for food thank God and the farmer 

and his wife."


*"The most powerful Christian prayer in the world: 

(1) "Jesus" (or "Lord Jesus", or "Lord Jesus Christ, 

have mercy on me, a sinner.""


*"I like to eat fish so much that I thought we'd 

like to learn more about fish."

*"You home robbers out there, beware, there may 

be someone watching you."

*"Oh, how a precious a nursery rhyme is to a child."

*"Rain is in the weather forecast for today (11:52 

AM 6/10/2019) with no rain tomorrow. I need 

to plant about 15 bulbs (should have planted them 

in the fall, no matter, 10 roots and sow some more 

grass seed, then I should be done with preparations 

for summer, fall and winter except for weeding, 

mowing, filling bird feeders and harvesting tomatoes 

and peaches."

*"Being a former member of the US Army, I tried 

to reenlist after I was over 60 years of age at 

several recruiting stations. After the recruiters 

found out my age they said we cannot recruit 

anyone at the age of 60 or over and thanked me for 

my service."

*"Another thing you may know or not know about. 

Bone Broth, I drink it for my gut health."

*""Money is (not) the root of all evil," if you give 

yours to the poor."

*"Sometimes a sad story can turn out to have a 

happy ending." USA, LLC

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