Thursday, June 13, 2019

JUNE 13, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes


*"Will President Trump be one of the greatest 

presidents in modern times?"

*"Strangers can become friends if they're both 

friendly when they meet."

*"People who wear high heels can look forward 

to .........."

*"I like Arbys. ARBYS stands for After Riding to 

the Beef restaurant, we all Yell for Supper."

*"Can someone exist with no friends? Yes, you 

can be alone and not lonely.

*"Toilet paper can be used to wipe your butt, blow 

your nose, pick up your dog's poop from the doggy 

pad and many other uses."

*"You know I like canned sardines for breakfast. 

I wonder about where they come from and the 

canning process."

*"I'm thrifty because my parents were thrifty who 

lived through the Great Depression."

*"I'm not bragging but I can dance pretty good. 

That's me in the overalls and hat."

*"I use Olde Thompson's Fine Himalayan Pink 

Salt on just about everything I eat."

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