Friday, June 14, 2019

JUNE 14, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes

*"My long hair is 16 inches long, is long hair on a 

man a sin? I don't care what the video says, I'll

continue to grow my long hair and then ask for 



*"All of us will die, where are you going after death?

*"Your clock on the wall will not stop for you, 

you must try to keep up with it."

*"McDonald's coffee is my favorite, Folgers is 

my 2nd choice which I brew in my room."

*"I have arthritis in my hands and other parts of my 

body, but take no medications (some supplements) 

because I believe it's my fault for all the years of 

hard labor."

*"To those of you contemplating suicide, your 

tomorrows will be much more awesome than today."

*"Do you almost worship your cell phone?

*"I purchased my last pair of eye glasses at 

Walmart and had them tinted to rose-colored."

*"I'm not prejudiced, period!

*"I cannot remember if either of my grandparents 

wore eye glasses."

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