Saturday, June 15, 2019

JUNE 15, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes


*"I have my own names for the prescription 

medications I take. One is Seroquel which I call 

Sarah Palin."

*"Coke is my favorite soft drink. COKE stands 

for Coke is my favorite Of its Kind Even though it 

may be bad for my health.

*"I eat so much fish, if I took a fish oil capsule 

daily, would I be overdosing? We both chose the 

wrong answer."

*"A single candle can light the darkness of the night."

*"I'm considering embracing an all plant diet."

*"I've talked a lot during my long years of life (76) 

and most of that talking was to myself. I wonder 

what my room could tell if it could talk?"

Willie Nelson, believe it or not.

*"You'll have your own interstate to Heaven if you 

spend most of your time here on earth helping the 


*"There are animal predators and animal prey, 

did God mean for us humans to kill each other?"

*"Are you prepared for death?"

*"The obesity rate in the US is approaching 40%, 

some of these people will face an early death."

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