Sunday, June 16, 2019

JUNE 16, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes

*"Could I live alone on an island? Sure I could, as 

long as I had access to food and drinking water."


*"Bermuda grass (wire grass) are prevalent in my 

lawn, how do I rid my law this weed grass?"

*I stay away from those who believe they know 

it all, they just talk and don't listen. You can't 

learn anything if you don't listen.

*"Bridesmaids are often those grow up to be 


*"My niece Holly is a baker, her boyfriend's name 

is (she thinks) Prince Albert II."

*"A child who builds model cars, often grows up to 

be a car dealer."

*"Serving apple sauce is for those people too 

lazy to create a fruit medley."

*"A gambling addiction is the work of the devil."

*"Is the orange peel edible?"

*"Some say that kids ruin there parent's lives, as 

both get older the parent's ruin their kid's lives.

I don't believe that.

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