Monday, June 24, 2019

JUNE 24, 2019 - World News Updates 8


5:25 PM 6/24/2019

*"Boris Johnson denies claims of domestic row."

*"US officials recruit Dikembe Mutombo for Ebola 


3:53 PM 6/24/2019

*"Bill Gates biggest mistake of his life."

*"'We've had enough': Huge crowds in Prague 

demand PM Babis quits."

2:03 PM 6/24/2019

*"CBS News poll: Joe Biden leads as top choice in 

the Democratic nomination."

*"EXCLUSIVE! Ilhan Omar agrees with AOC: 

US runs "concentration camps.""

12:03 PM 6/24/2019

*"NASA rover detects high amounts of methane on 

Mars, which could indicate signs of life."

*"Minutes before strike: Close-call US airstrike 

displays how violate tensions in region are."

10:07 AM 6/24/2019

*"Highlights | Round 4 | Travelers 2019."

*"Tiffany Haddish Dishes On New 'Harry Potter' 

Game, Why She Canceled Her Georgia Show And 


6:03 AM 6/24/2019

*"US launched retaliatory cyberattack against Iran."

*"Wallendas safely cross Times Square on high 


4:12 AM 6/24/2019

*"Istanbul erupts into celebration after landmark 

victory for opposition party."

*"Venezuela crisis: Guaido's envoys accused of 

embezzling aid funds."

*"Jeremy Hunt: Boris Johnson must answer 

difficult questions."

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