Tuesday, June 25, 2019

JUNE 25, 2019 - BBC World News - Update 6


6:35 PM 6/25/2019.

*"BBC weather presenter giggles throughout 


*"Luftwaffe ace flies in Spitfire."

5:22 PM 6/25/2019.

*"Food politics in Russia."

*"Alicia Keys on makeup, sexism and Trump." 

*"Why are the Dutch so tall?"

*"The smallest car in the world at BBC."

4:10 PM 6/25/2019.

*"The fog catcher who brings water to the poor."

*"The man who discovered Harry Potter."

*"Justin Trudeau peoplekind, not mankind."

11:22 AM 6/25/2019.

*"US - China relations. How a trade war became a 

tech war."

*"French and American lovers reunited after 75 

years and WW II."

9:15 AM 6/25/2019.

*"London's Heathrow Airport's expansion plans 


*"Is India a space super power?

*"Venezuelan crisis - where people buy rotten meat 

to eat." 

*"Race to become UK's next prime minister down to 

the final two." 

6:00 AM 6/25/2019.

*"South China Seas: 'Leave immediately and keep 

far off."

*"Japan's Cat Island."

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