Wednesday, June 26, 2019

JUNE 26, 2019 - Google News Updates 5


7:23 PM 6/26/2019.

Don't forget to watch the Democratic Debate tonight 

at 9:00 PM EST.

*"Boris Johnson repeatedly refuses to say when 

photo with girlfriend was taken."

*"Jimmy and Tarik Debate Meghan Markle's 

Engagement Ring Update."

1:29 PM 6/26/2019.

*"BMW Vision M NEXT. Official Launch Film."

*"David Saint-Jacques reflects on his time in space."

9:36 AM 6/26/2019.

*"How President Donald Trump's tariffs & trade 

wars affect the U.S." Just The FAQs.

*"Trump Attacks Megan Rapinoe."

8:57 AM 6/26/2019.

*"GRAPHIC Migrant father, child drown in Rio 


*"42 million Americans in the path of severe 


3:36 AM 6/26/2019.

*"Turning plastic bottles into carpet."

*"Is Google News hurting journalism?"

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