Wednesday, June 26, 2019

JUNE 26, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes

*"If Puerto Rico became the 51st American state, 

where would they place the star on the American 

flag? Two options are below:


*"Some older people whose kids now have their 

own lives, need to be thinking of downsizing to

a smaller place to live which requires little or no 


*"Most CEOs are paid too much. CEO means Con 

man whose Employees work so hard they make 

their CEO look like an Oaf."

*A blessing cannot be returned, God gave it to 

you to share with your friends and others."

*"If the world ended tomorrow, have you asked 

forgiveness to all of those you have wronged?"

*"I eat one half of an avocado a day. Is the fatty 

avocado bad for my health?

*"There is no such thing as a master and slave, as 

far as I'm concerned."

*A restroom is for pooping and peeing, not for 

painting your face."

*"If Jesus washed our sins away, why do we keep 


*"My only fear is heights, both secured and 


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