Sunday, June 30, 2019

JUNE 30, 2019 - The Drudge Report Updates 5


7:15 PM 6/30/2019.

*"Man offers random people a one ounce gold coin."

*"Mysteries ruins in Antarctica on Google Earth."

4:44 PM 6/30/2019.

*"Government building brain implants for soldiers."

*"Jesse Jackson praises and thanks President Trump 

for a lifetime of service to African Americans."

1:32 PM 6/30/2019.

*"Drudge's double standard."

*"Rare Matt Drudge interview."

11:00 AM 6/30/2019.

*"Trump Train Anthem."

*"The Gospel in drama outside the four walls of 

the church."

5:55 AM 6/30/2019.

*"Nancy Pelosi on impeachment - Trump is not 

worth it."

*"Portland, Maine over run by African migrants."

*"Just the Headlines - June 25, 2019.

*"Online polling shows surprise winner in 

Democratic debate."

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