Thursday, June 6, 2019

JUNE 6, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes

*"I sprinkle Premium Bugs for Birds on my evening 

meal along with my other condiments."

*"It is much healthier to eat standing up than to set 

down and eat."

*"Humankind is not alone in the vastness of the 


*"Always remember that the parent is in control, 

not the child."

*"I drink/eat fermented products for my gut and 

digestive health."

*"To keep blackbirds away from your bird feeder, 

use safflower seed."

*"To avoid aggravating constipation, drink plenty 

of water, exercise and eat plenty of fiber."

*"If you're an afternoon person, you miss the 

brilliance of God's early morning."

*"Will a Yellowstone eruption destroy western 

North America in our lifetime?"

*"Narcissism is the curse of some and those who 

need to be near them."

*"How can flat earthers be right when we see a 

round planet from the International Space Station 

from space? Or is the International Space Station 

not a fact? USA, LLC

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