Friday, June 7, 2019

JUNE 7, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes


*"Your country's flag is important to you, display it 

daily or on appropriate days of the year."

*"Coffee is the reason for much of the productivity 

in the world and I drink my share of it, 

McDonald's or Folgers are my favorites."

*"A proverb, "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss," 

can be compared to a rebel who has no real 


*"The sun shines brightest for those who are giving 

and happy."

*"I bought a Apple Watch at Aldi's, at a good price, 

not knowing that it requires an iPhone.

Everyone I know has an Android. I failed to read the 

directions before I bought it, you know how

men are."

*"During my long years of life (76) in observing 

human behavior, I can usually tell if someone is

unhappy, downtrodden, happy or any other 

descriptions of human behavior."

*"I consume several fermented products for my gut 

and digestive health and now I've added to my list 

with kefir, a fermented milk drink."

*"The accumulation of wealth does not make one 

happy, one can be very poor and still be happy."

*"I thought that up to now, black pepper had no 

nutritional value, but I was wrong after I Googled 


*"It was foggy here in northeast Ohio yesterday, 

but it didn't stay around for long, so I was able 

see to work in the flower beds and the yard." USA, LLC

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