Saturday, June 8, 2019

JUNE 8, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes


*"Oh, to live the Amish way of living, to go back 

250 years or more in time."

*"The age of a human is not important, it is the 

quality of life they choose to live."

*"Remember. You do not have complete freedom if 

you live under a dictatorship."

*"Emgality, the best TV commercial ever, unless of 

course, I see one that's just as good or better

later on."

*"The US has been at war 222 Out of 239 Years, will 

we ever have a continuous peace?"

*"If you've being going to same doctor for many 

years, it's wise to seek a second opinion."

*"You are on this earth for a short period of time, 

happiness is much more important than material 


*"If you cannot operate a stick shift vehicle, you 

can learn, it's not that difficult."

*"Drug company's don't always tell you the full 

truth about side effects."

*"Do you judge people by their appearance or their 

kindness?" USA, LLC

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