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Monday, July 1, 2019

JULY 1, 2019 - MSNBC Updates 4


7:00 PM 7/1/2019.

*"These are animals - The Last Word."

*"Maxine Vs Munchin rematch was worth the wait."

*"Michael Moore: Donald Trump is the 'Godfather'

of fake news."

2:44 PM 7/1/2019.

*"Former Fox news reporter: President Donald 

Trump is a 'con man.'"

*"America's sprawling detention centers for


10:07 AM 7/1/2019.

*"Coupon-cutting Congresswoman stumps bank


*"Hartford Mayor - Trump is cheating 'chaos' 

over immigration."

6:36 AM 7/1/2019.

*"Senator Elizabeth Warren talks Russia, 

Immigration and more."

*Joe Biden defends himself, says Kamala Harris 

mischaracterized his positions."

*"Pentagon is investigating the existence of aliens." 

*"Jeff Daniels: It's the end of democracy if we lose 


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