Tuesday, July 16, 2019

JULY 16, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Did you ever eat a cockroach alive or dead? 

Insects are often more nutritious than any other 


*"Are you Heaven bound for your good deeds to 

others or hell bound for your sinful ways?"

*"When my father approached a situation he didn't 

understand, he'd say "what the hell is going on" as I 

do today."

*"Your family picture on the wall of your lost 

loved ones may mean nothing to you unless you

check the Mormon database of family histories."

*"The future you have of wonderful days ahead 

will not happen if you commit suicide today."

*"I have bone breath from drinking bone broth, no, 

that's not right, Forrest, I have bad breath from 

drinking bone broth. Just another example of me 

talking to myself."

*"Are men stronger than women? In this case 

they're just as strong as men."

*"Aging should not worry you if your life is filled 

with happiness."

*"I eat one half of an avocado each day. Is the 

avocado healthy even though it has a high fat 


*"If you live in the north of the United States and 

don't like coldness of the winters, you're always 

free to move south to Key West, Florida."

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