Friday, July 19, 2019

JULY 19, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.


*""Thou shalt not steal" is the 8th of God's Ten 


*"A yellow rose for a loved one is a precious thing 


*"We have an Ariens Garden Tractor which I keep 

well maintained. I always check the oil, grease the 

4 grease joints and spray lithium grease on every 

movable part including the belts."

*"There was something at Walmart that I'd never 

seen before, perennial fern roots, needless to say I 

purchased them all because I really like ferns which 

don't die in the winter."

*"Pussy is not a cuss word if that's what you've 

named your cat."

*"When I'm working in the lawn and flower beds 

in hot weather, I ingest a lot of salt and drink 

plenty of water to prevent dehydration."

*"I'm 76 years old and "old as the hills."

*"Is that Adam and Eve or a nudist colony?"

*"A 2020 Corvette does not impress me at all, I'm 

quite pleased with my 1986 Honda Accord."

*"If you think you're old as this tree, you're 

sadly mistaken."

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