Sunday, July 21, 2019

JULY 21, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes


*"My favorite color is blue just like babies when I 

was a baby, all boy babies dressed in blue and girl 

babies dressed in pink."

*"In the old days before the Cotton Gin, they 

harvested cotton in a much different way."

*"We don't live forever, so let's be kind and generous 

while we're here."

*"Would you rather be fat and happy, thin and 

unhappy or just overweight and happy and 

unhappy from time to time?"

*"I've had trouble with my right knee for some 

years although x-rays indicate no reason for 

surgery. I can climb upstairs with no problem, but 

climbing down, I need to take one step at a time."

*"I have my own names for my prescription 

medications. One is Metoprolol which I call Marco 


*"Is it true, God only helps those who help 


*"I purchased a 10 foot, 4 inch radius plastic pole 

from Loews. My plan is to dig a 4 foot hole at the 

southwest border of our property and using ready 

mix which sets up in about 15 minutes to implant 

the pole. I then need to attach a brass flag holder 

and the flag ?, a 2020 Trump blue flag, of course."

*"Humankind cannot survive without peace and 


*"Oh, I almost forgot, if you're going to the store, 

please pick up 2 pounds of venison ponhaus or is it 


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