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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

JULY 24, 2019 - The Gateway Pundit.


*"Stacy Washington: Build the Wall."

*"President Trump cites Cowbell Covfefe."

*"Brennan warns POTUS ... again"

*"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes Gateway 

Pundit implode."

*"Alert: Crooked Hillary given an award, seconds 

later shows everyone she's still salty against 


*"President Trump has had a busy day. J. Assange 


*"House Democrats grant themselves more witch 

hunt power."

*"Max Maxine gets some of Trump's bank records - 

So wrong! So frightening!"

*"ICE in New Mexico has a facility to groom 

transgenders for asylum hearings -We pay for it."

*"The time has come: It's on us."

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