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Friday, July 26, 2019

JULY 26, 2019 - Google News.


*"Watch some of the most important moments of 

Mueller's congressional testimony."

*"Proud dad Stanley Johnson reacts to his son 

Boris becoming the next PM."

*"Iran crisis: A tale of two tankers." BBC News.

*"Little military competition between China, US 

according to Defense White Paper: Expert."

*"Timothy Bradley Jr. devastated by Maxim 

Dadashev’s death."  SportsCenter.

*"CDC warns about mysterious "superbug" fungus."

*"Closer Than The Moon: 3 Large Asteroids Will 

Whiz By Earth."

*"Gallery Go hands-on: Google Photos gets 


*"Alex Rodriguez Melts Hearts With Birthday 

Video For Jennifer Lopez."

*"ECB to beat Federal Reserve to a rate cut?"

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